Aptra Interactive Teller Machine

Aptra Interactive Teller Machine – SelfServ 91

Giving your customers more of what they want: control, speed and a human touch when it matters most. The Aptra Interactive Teller Machine, SelfServ 91 makes it happen. The SelfServ 91 offers over 90% of teller transactions. With reduced costs and a more effective staffing model. Using wireless tablet technology, the branch staff can see what they are doing and if they need help.

NCR SelfServ32 – Lobby Unity

Unlock amazing customer experience. the selfserv 32 gives your customers live face-to-face interaction with tellers at the ATM, any time of day. The SelfServ 32 allows you to extend your reach beyound the branch, giving your customers more service when and where they need it.

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