ATM Repair Company

ATM Repair Company in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, & the Southeast U.S.

Contact FEDCorp, an ATM repair company, for your ATM machine equipment repairs. Offices located in throughout Alabama, Florida, & Mississippi allow for a quick response time for all your ATM equipment repairs. Most ATM parts are kept in stock, so long lead times due to parts outages are not common. FEDCorp understands the importance of keeping your ATM equipment up and running to maximize client usage.

Now that you have your new ATM machine, consider a service contract to keep it running at peak performance. Service contracts are available on all ATM equipment offered in a variety of options to meet your needs. Contracts are available for both parts and labor to keep any surprises to a minimum. All ATM repair parts are under contract, excluding cassettes and paper.

FEDCorp stocks ATM parts for all your Triton and NCR equipment. Repairs on equipment other than Triton and NCR ATM equipment are offered as well.

Did you purchase your ATM equipment from a source that doesn’t include installation? We’ll help you get your terminal up and running. Contact us online, and we’ll schedule an installation for your ATM equipment.

Free Quotes on ATM Machine Repair Services

Request your free quote on ATM machine repair services throughout Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

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