Branch Automation Solutions

FEDCorp understands that technology is evolving. Don’t let your branch get left behind. Get a quote on our branch automation solutions today.

Our NCR solutions are designed with customer experience, branch automation, and the latest technology to achieve the right strategic mix of personal, assisted and self-service channels. By utilizing Interactive Teller and Teller Cash Recyclers, improvements in accuracy and speed are obtained as well as reductions in balancing and actual cash handling. Put more focus where it belongs, on the customer.

CIMA Cash Recycler

  • Increase Branch and Teller Productivity
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Branch Security

Deposit ATM’s

  • PCI Compliant Encrypting PIN Pad
  • Cash Acceptor with Flexible Deposit Modules
  • Card Reader with Built In Fraud Preventio
    12.1″ and 15″ LCD Touch Screen
  • Intelligent Cash Deposit and Recycling Options – Choice of Cash Acceptors and Recycler
  • Intelligent Check Deposit – Scalable Check Deposit (up to 30 checks in a single bunch)
  • Scalable Deposit Module – 1 Slot for Cash and Check Deposit. Up to 2,000 Notes and 1,600 Checks Capacity

Interactive Teller Machines

  • Video Banking w/ Branch Experience
  • Remote Transaction & Banking Technology
  • Two Way Audio Interaction
  • Self Service for Convenience
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